1964 T120   Bonneville
1965 T120   Bonneville
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1967 T120R  Bonneville
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1970 T120R  Bonneville
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The finest classic Triumph motorcycle restoration

Speed Test 18th October 2016... Elvington Airfield... North Yorkshire... 2 of theBikeShed's concours Triumph Bonneville's achieved speeds over 100mph across a standing start mile. Our 1968 T120 reached 108.73mph and our 1964 T120 went on to hit an impressive 116.962mph. Both were completely stock engines with balanced crankshafts and gas flowed heads running pump petrol !!


1968 T120 reached 108.73mph

1964 T120 hit 116.962mph

"Having been a Triumph fan for over 40 years and owner of several Bonnie's over that time, I took one look at Hugh's own bike and "I had to have one". Hugh's work is meticulous and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Despite producing the best looking bike I've ever seen it's no trailer queen, it's reliable, wonderfully useable and a joy to live with. Certainly the best bike I've ever ridden."
John C (Owner Quote)

"I stumbled across the Bike Shed while looking for a restorer for my T150 Triumph and was very impressed by the Bike Shed's credentials.
As it happens, the Bike Shed did not restoreT150s but from then on I wanted what Hugh Brown did do and I asked to go on his waiting list.
I am aware that without prior knowledge and reference or recommendations, one can go out on a limb when first engaging a classic bike restorer - it can be a minefield. Personally, I am extremely focused on quality and I want value for my hard earned money.
So, bearing all that in mind, this year I am looking forward to getting my third perfect Triumph from Hugh at the Bike Shed! Oh... and he is a genuinely nice guy who will go out of his way to help you, he is a gold-mine of knowledge and in the unlikely event he is momentarily unsure of an answer - he will find out! What you need to do is trust his judgement, take his advice and be prepared for the best Triumph you will ever own.... and then look after it."
Gerry (New Owner Quote)

"I recently purchased two of your restored Triumph Bonnevilles, a 1966 US specification bike and a December 1967 UK specification bike. I have been buying classic bikes for over twenty years always seeking a high standard to offer for sale from my garage in Derbyshire. These two machines were, I believe, two of the BEST restorations I have seen in the many years I have been buying Classic motor cycles. The attention to detail was fastidious and the cosmetic finish was exceptional. The two bikes were offered for sale and have since been sold to two very lucky owners who were extremely pleased with their purchases."
Adrian Walker (Dealer Quote)

"theBikeShed's 1970 Bonneville is the best motorcycle I have ever ridden"
James Robinson (T
he Classic Motorcycle Editor)

"This is the nearest you can get to buying a brand-new Meriden Bonneville."
John (New Owner Quote)


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